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Primary School Catering

Starting School with Cupcakes Catering

Our Primary School menus are designed to fit in with school and family life.  We understand that when children start school, life gets a bit more varied and hectic.  

We offer our school children a 4-choices of menu per day.

We offer a complete food service to fit in with school life including, party food, picnics and packed lunches!

If you are looking to improve your school lunchtime School Food provision, please contact us!


School Children are offered a Wider Choice Menu

Our School Menu offers the same varied Hot Dish as our Nursery customers however more options are available to fit in with food tastes & activities and family life:

Option One

Hot Dish of the Day with Traditional Accompaniments & Dessert

Option Two

Vegetarian Hot Dish of the Day Traditional Accompaniments & Dessert

Option Three

Sandwich of the Day Option + Salad & Vegetable Sticks & Dessert

Option Four

Jacket Potato with Cheese, Baked Beans or Tuna Mayo & Dessert

All Dietary Orders are accommodated and a separate fully labelled dish will be sent when required.

We supply schools with Fruit & Yoghurts as a dessert alternative

Packed Lunches and Picnics are available for sports days and outings.