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Catering For Every Aspect of Nursery Life...

On a daily basis we delivery hot food to a range of childcare settings and schools ... from small privately owned day nurseries to large, multi-site day nursery groups. 

Safety First

Everything from our 5-Star inspected kitchens to our procedures, documentation and disclosure of ingredients are all designed to ensure food safety.  Every childcare setting can utilise the information we provide to safeguard the children in their care throughout mealtimes.

Special Dietary Needs

Catering for children with allergies, intolerances and religious needs, is handled extremely sympathetically at Cupcakes Catering.  

Read more about our robust allergen systems.


Our Range of Nursery Menus

Two Course Nursery Lunch Menu - 9months - 5years

Hot Pot's, Pasta's, Roast's, Curry's, Cassoulet's .. the list is endless.  All dishes are served with traditional side dish of carbohydrate and/or vegetables followed by a dessert of the day.

Nursery Afternoon Tea Menu - 1year - 5 years

Roll's, Wraps, Soup's, Ploughman's .. A varied high tea menu is designed for children attending a longer nursery day.  Tea includes a piece of fruit, yoghurt or small cake.

Baby Puree Menu - 4-9months

For our youngest customers - We offer a fresh Puree of the Day made on the day from our seasonal range of vegetables.

Children's Packed Lunches 

Lunch to Go? Packed lunches are perfect for any child who has to leave early.

Picnics & Food for Nursery Outings

For Nursery outings we happily swap our hot lunch for a picnic to go - perfect for those days in the park or at the zoo!

For our latest  Nursery Menu - info

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Handling Allergens

The disclosure of food allergens and ingredients is at the forefront of our service every single day.  We operate a robust and completely transparent system when handling Allergens and Dietary requirements.  

Our full ingredients are available to our customers at all times.   

Children with specific dietary & religious requirements are handled with the care and attention that parents would appreciate.  

Prior to starting work with any new childcare setting,  we offer a full and detailed explanation of how our systems work to ensure we are working in partnership with our customers from the start

Read more about our Allergen Systems


Security & Child Safety

Security and child safety around childcare settings is vital.  Each of customer settings have allocated delivery people/person who have been employed by us.  All of our key staff hold advanced CR checks.  Our staff are uniformed and delivery drivers follow strict policies and procedures when driving, delivering food and entering nursery buildings. 


Advice from Experts

Throughout our 10 years in business, we have developed our food content using advice from experienced food experts & nutritionists. 

 We have worked closely with professional institutions such as the Children's Food Trust and Start-well Birmingham, along with following and adapting to the National School Food Guidelines.  

We fully understand that children need variety.  Proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates all help to to fuel their bodies and minds as they grow.   Our menus are planned to incorporate all of the advice we receive.


Day to Day Communication

Communication is key to our service and we've got it covered.

We have an experienced Administration team who are on hand to handle the day to day communication with our customers. Daily catering orders, order amendments, and menu advice is just a small part of the information we process each day keeping our kitchen teams informed.

We keep in regular contact with each customer setting to ensure we gain full feedback about menu's and service.  This help us constantly improve what we do. 

If you would like your school or nursery to be part of our Cupcakes Catering daily service, please contact us.  We'd love to hear from you!

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