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Allergens are a big part of every day life at Cupcakes Catering...

Our Allergen Checking System:

We ensure that the Nursery Nurses caring for children and supervising meal times have all the information they need to ensure that  each child's dietary needs are met. We understand that Children's food intolerances are varied so whatever the allergy, we provide a meal to suit.  

  • A big part of our day at Cupcakes Catering is dedicated to handling Allergens.
  • We hold regular refresher training courses to ensure the importance of Allergen Knowledge is at the forefront of our service every single day.
  • Our Administration team and Kitchen team work closely together ensuring dishes are planned to incorporate allergens and intolerances amongst the children we serve.
  • We have a dedicate Allergen Cook, preparing and labelling dietary orders for specific needs.
  • We cater for Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal diets on a daily basis.
  • Every ingredient that arrives at our kitchens is audited for quality and manufacturers differences.  We communicate any difference or change to our listed ingredient on the day.